We all know that vegetables are an important component of a healthy diet.  But, most people fall short of the recommended five or more servings a day for a variety of different reasons.  Some of us may find ourselves stuck in a rut and tired of eating the same vegetables all the time.  Others with hectic schedules and long commutes could have little time to properly prepare them.  How do we get out of a vegetable rut or find an efficient way to add veggies to our plates?  Try these quick, easy, and tasty ways to eat more veggies!

Same Old, Same Old?

Bored of having the same vegetables all the time?  Instead of broccoli, pick up some Chinese broccoli the next time you are at the grocery.  Instead of spinach, give bok choy a whirl.  Instead of celery, how about snow peas?  A quick and easy way to prepare all three is to chop the Chinese broccoli and bok choy, toss in some snow peas, and steam them in the microwave. For an extra tasty treat, top with the new Toasted Sesame Seed Dressing from Pritikin Foods.  With its sweet, nutty flavor, the Toasted Sesame Seed dressing will enhance the flavor of your vegetables without added fat or salt, so you can eat more of what your body needs for optimum health.

Short on Time?

A simple way you can eat more veggies while in a hurry is to go pre-made! Start a meal with a quick and easy salad choosing a pre-made lettuce mix with leafy greens as a base.  Then, add more texture, color, and flavors with pre-cut matchstick carrots and fresh cherry tomatoes.  Topping the salad with a Pritikin dressing, like the new Zesty Italian Dressing, will add a zesty kick without the added fat, sugar, and salt found in most salad dressings available in the grocery aisle.

Don’t want to cook in the first place?  Pritikin Foods are a great way to include more vegetables in your heart-healthy eating plan, as nearly every entrée includes a side of veggies – from snow peas to spinach to sweet potatoes!  Steamed in your microwave in a matter of minutes, nothing could be simpler.