If you’ve read a few of our blog posts, you know that we've got a talented bunch here at Pritikin ICR!

This week, I’m shaking things up as I describe my Pritikin Why*. I’m hoping by the end of this article, you will have a better sense of what makes our company such a great place to be (hint, it has a lot to do with the people).

I began my career with Pritikin the first week of March 2020…right before the world seemed to come apart at the seams. As a military and airline pilot spouse with 3 school-aged kids, I’m comfortable with chaos and living with uncertainty. My resume, replete with gaping holes from military transfers to small towns across the country, attests to that.

Prior to Pritikin, I had accepted the fact that I could only work for a company for a few years until my husband was transferred and we had to move. At that point, I would have to resign and hopefully start over in a new organization.

I am a Registered Dietitian by training, but those skills make up a mere fraction of my role at Pritikin ICR. My main responsibility as an Account Manager is to support various hospital- or physician-based facilities as they implement the Pritikin Intensive Cardiac Rehab program with their patients. I use my nutrition background when I train registered dietitians at our onboarded facilities, and when I develop evidence-based content for patient-facing nutrition workshops. I also get to write fun blogs like this! There is no typical “day in the life” of a Pritikin ICR Account Manager. Every day brings new challenges, projects, and keeps me on my toes.

What makes Pritikin ICR stand out from any other organization I have worked with? So many things, but chief among them is our strong leadership team.

When the world shut down in March 2020, I braced for the worst. In that week, I often wondered if or even why the company would keep me on in the face of such uncertainty – I hadn’t even finished my new hire training!

They kept me on. In fact, they kept everyone.

Our company leaders did their best to pivot and roll with the challenges they were facing. That’s when I knew: these are my people.

Pritikin is a company large enough to make waves in the healthcare industry, but small enough where the President knows me by name and notices if I’m not logged on to our virtual weekly meeting. He takes time to get to know us, not just as employees, but as whole people with families and hobbies. Our company culture is friendly, productive, and empowering. While we appreciate a clear organizational chain of command, our leadership is very open and attentive. As Pritikin ICR is a very forward-thinking company, we are encouraged to share ideas – some of mine have been implemented!

Despite having met most of my co-workers only virtually, I’ve developed strong relationships with them. We may all be sprinkled throughout the USA across various time zones, but we have been able to create bonds as we collaborate on projects together and strategize different ways to better serve our clients in a remote environment. We’ve even finagled a way to prank the new guy – virtually!

A screenshot of a virtual call - everyone but the one new guy has a funny costume on from a crown to cowboy attire, we had a great time! I am wearing a ski mask, hat and scarf with a straight face.
Before our latest employee’s first remote Account Management meeting, we all decided to dress up. It was funny to see everyone’s costumes!

Pritikin’s virtual company model has completely changed the trajectory of my disjointed career. Now, if my current circumstances ever change, I can pack up my computer, log on to a new Wi-Fi connection, and continue with business-as-usual no matter where we end up. My ability to work remotely made it possible for us to move to a magical valley in rural Wyoming.

We love our new home. My children have acres of fields to run in and mountains to climb. The best part? I am able to move forward in a career I love while watching my kids play through my office window. I really can be the mom I want to be and have the career of my dreams.


*What's someone’s “Pritikin Why”? Essentially, it’s the way our employees define why it is they chose to work with us at Pritikin ICR, and more importantly, why they choose to stay.