The Pritikin Program enables healthcare facilities to provide their patients with comprehensive, evidence-based lifestyle education in an outpatient setting. Through the facility’s medical expertise and a prescription for ICR, patients have an opportunity to reduce future health risks and improve the quality of their lives.

Pritikin ICR’s comprehensive yet flexible learning model allows healthcare facilities to utilize their own staff to implement the program.

Partnering for Success

Pritikin becomes a partner in the success of each of its facilities, providing dedicated field management, monthly business meetings, and ongoing education and training.

Pritikin ICR creates an opportunity to improve health outcomes and reduce readmissions, while also increasing program sustainability:

ICR is strongly supported by CMS, and its per-session reimbursement rates continue to increase.

More Time and Tools for Lifestyle Change

ICR consists of twice the number of Medicare-covered sessions when compared to traditional cardiac rehab (CR): 72 sessions of exercise and education through ICR, vs. only 36 session of exercise with CR.

Facilities offering Pritikin ICR consistently see an increase in initial enrollment for cardiac patients, and overall better adherence to the program.